Minimalist Baby Shower Bingo

Download or make your own printable minimalist baby shower bingo cards. The PDF file will include a calling sheet with all the words and random bingo cards. Press EDIT to customize the bingo cards.

Minimalist Baby Shower Bingo

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Planning a gender neutral baby shower? Make sure to download these minimalist baby shower bingo game cards!

This minimalist baby bingo is a perfect baby shower activity for guests to play at a gender neutral baby shower party, while dad and mom-to-be open their gifts.

Download this pre-made template or make your own baby bingo with this bingo card generator.

WORDS LIST: Toys, Due Date, Labor, Blanket, Bottle Warmer, Infant Carrier, Diaper Bag, Babysitter, Bottle, Newborn, Stork, Crib, Changing Pad, Teether, Bib, Teddy Bear, Feeding, Car Seat, Lullaby, Baby Jogger, Baby Bathtub, Grandpa, Baby Powder, Rattle, Swing, Bedding, Lotion, Bouncer, Playpen, Grandma, Rocking Chair, Burp, Shampoo, Monitor, Baby Food, Daddy, Wash Cloth, Mommy, Story Time, Cradle, Maternity Leave, Booties, Hat, Milk, Family, Safety Gate, Pacifier, Bassinet, Baby Oil, Nasal Aspirator, Book, Diaper, Formula, Nap time, Nursery, Bath Time, High Chair, Onesies, Stroller, Wipes