Free Printable Christmas Bingo for Kids

Free Printable Christmas Bingo for kids is a fun and festive way to keep little ones entertained during the holiday season. Simply download, print, and play!

Christmas Bingo for Kids

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Christmas is coming and that means it’s time to get the family together for some holiday fun! Make sure to download and print out these Christmas bingo cards for your kids.

They’ll have a blast trying to mark off all of the squares on their card, and you’ll love watching them get excited about the holiday. Print out a copy for each player and get started!

Christmas Bingo is a fun and festive way to get them into the holiday spirit. It’s sure to keep them occupied for hours on end. Plus, it’s a great way to teach them about Christmas customs and traditions.

It’s perfect for all ages and will keep everyone entertained while you’re waiting for Santa to arrive. Plus, it’s a great way to work on counting skills and learn more about Christmas traditions from around the world. So grab some friends and family and get playing!


As much as holidays are exciting, they can get stressful at times especially when you’re trying to wrap up the presents at the last minute, or expecting a big family and preparing the large feast.

While you are planning for a family gathering, you want kiddos to get busy in some activity. These Christmas Bingo Cards are just what you need to get the job done.

Keep them occupied while you check off your task list.

Christmas Bingo for Kids

Download Here

This one is one of those ice breaker and entertaining games that everyone enjoys playing, including kids and grownups. It’s perfect for a class party or just to keep kids occupied while you’re prepping for the holiday season.

Kids will have lots of fun recognizing these characters associated with holidays.

Since these printable game features fun characters like Santa, North Pole, Gingerbread House, Candy cane, they will enjoy matching these characters with the character being called from the calling sheet.

Christmas Bingo Cards

This set of free Christmas Bingo Cards come in the set of 8 printable bingo cards and a calling sheet. Easily print at home on your printer on standard letter size paper and cut along the trim lines.

Christmas Bingo Cards Printable

Download Here

If you need more than 8 cards, you can go for this premium set of 30 bingo cards. More cards will ensure that you do not get multiple winners in the same round.

The finished size of these bingo cards is 5×7 inch which means you can print 2 per letter size paper.

Christmas Bingo Calling Sheet

You will find a separate calling sheet in the package. This sheet includes all the characters listed randomly on the bingo cards. After printing the calling sheet, cut out the small squares for each character. Put them in a bowl or a hat.

How to play Christmas Bingo

To play Christmas Bingo, you will need:


  1. Print the bingo cards on letter size paper, and cut them along the outer rectangles. Finished size of each bingo card is 8.5×11 inch, so one bingo card will print on one letter size paper.
  2. Distribute the bingo cards among the players. There are total of 8 bingo cards, so this game is best played among 8 or less people so that each player will get a chance to play.
  3. If you need more cards, it is best to play in smaller groups or break the play into different rounds. If there are more than 8 people, chances are there will be multiple winners in each round.
  4. Print the calling card and cut out the small cards.
  5. Put them in a bowl, bag or hat.
  6. Start playing by having one person pull out a small card out of the bag or hat and call it out or by showing the picture on the card.
  7. Players look for that picture on their bingo card. If they find the similar card, they cover it with the small candy or mark it off with the paper marker.
  8. Continue pulling out the small cards from the bag or hat one at a time.
  9. Once someone cross off five in a row, they shout out BINGO and win that game.
  10. Space in the center is Free space.

Set of 30 Christmas Bingo Game Cards

If you have more than 8 – 10 people, you can go for this set of 30 Christmas Bingo Game Cards. Each of these cards come with different characters associated with holidays and Christmas.

Set of 30 Bingo Cards

Download Here

Once you are done with the holiday season, it’s time for back to school. Keep them looking forward to back to school with these fun back to school activities.

Enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones!

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