Camping Bingo Free Printable

Free printable Camping Bingo is sure to keep kids and adults busy and entertained in the wilderness and make for the best outdoor activity when they are out and about.

Free Printable Camping Bingo

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Are you and your family avid campers? Summer is the most exciting time to spend time in the wilderness.

Camping is always so exciting, especially for kids. Campfires, fun stories, s’mores and just having fun during the night is something to look forward to.

Camping Bingo Game

But how to keep your littles busy during the daytime?

Days may seem a little longer especially when you have kids with you. It may be a challenge to keep them occupied with the things they may enjoy.

So how about a game or two of Bingo? And if the theme is Camping, it will be even more fun.

Printable games are one of the most fun ways to pass time during long camping days. The best part is everyone can join in, including little kids and grown-ups.

 Memory Games or Scavenger Hunt Games

Camping Bingo is a popular game that people play while camping. It’s a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to keep kids entertained. Here are some reasons why you need printable camping bingo cards while camping out. They are;

  • A great way to keep kids entertained.
  • Easy to print and take with you on your camping trip.
  • Fun and challenging, and they add a bit of excitement.
  • Perfect for rainy days or days when you’re stuck inside.
  • Great way to learn about the animals and plants that live in the forest.

Printable Camping Bingo is a fun game for the whole family! Just print out the game cards and markers, and you’re ready to go!

So next time you are headed for a camping trip, make sure to bring this Camping bingo for kids printable game along.

Memory Games or Scavenger Hunt

Play these cards as bingo or transform them into memory cards. Print two copies of the same bingo cards, and have the kids match the small squares.

If you think you can find all the items displayed on these cards as images, you can even have the kids play Camping Scavenger Hunt. All in all, they will have tons of fun doing a fun contest to see who wins.

What’s included in the package?

There are 5 unique bingo boards and a calling sheet. These bingo cards and calling sheet can be printed on letter size paper. Fun and bright Camping themed images make these bingo printable cards even more fun.

Free Printable Camping Bingo

Camping Bingo Cards Free Printable

Since these are prefilled bingo cards, kids will be able to recognize different characters or images associated with Camping and Forest, while trying to match each of the images.

Free Camping Bingo Printables

Set of 30 Camping Bingo Game Cards

If you have more than 5 people, you can make groups of people with 5 or less people, or go for this set of 30 Camping bingo cards. Each of these cards come with different characters associated with Camping, Forest or Fishing.

Premium Camping Bingo Cards come in Full Size and Half Size. You have the option of printing one card per page or two cards per page on a letter size paper.

Set of 30 printable bingo cards

Download Here

Want to play time and again?

Laminate them for durability, and have the players use dry erase markers. If you don’t want to use the markers, you can use treats like marshmallows, M&Ms, Skittles, Cereals, candies etc. You can even use Lego pieces or other material of your choice.

How to play Camping Bingo?

To play Camping Bingo, you will need:


  • Print the bingo cards using thick card stock paper.
  • Distribute the bingo cards among the players.
  • Print the calling card and cut out the small squares.
  • Put them in a pile in a bowl.
  • Start playing by having one person pull out a small square card out of the pile and call it out or by showing the picture or saying the number on the card.
  • Players look for that picture or number on their bingo card. If they find the similar image or number, they cover it with the small candy or mark it off with the paper marker.
  • Continue pulling out the small squares from the bag or hat one at a time.
  • Once someone cross off five in a row, they shout out BINGO and win that game.
  • Space in the center is Free space.

In addition to playing these at a camping trip or outdoor adventures, these bingo cards work out great whenever you want to keep kids busy, have a party or a big family gathering.

Free Printable Camping Bingo Cards

Download Here

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Are you planning to go camping this year? What are the fun things you have planned with your little ones? Please share in the comments below!

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