Planets Bingo

Download or make your own printable planets bingo cards. The PDF file will include a calling sheet with all the words and random bingo cards. Press EDIT to customize the bingo cards.

Planets Bingo

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Planets and Solar System Bingo is an educational game that teachers and parents can use in their classroom or at home to help students learn about the planets and other objects in our Solar System.

Children will love learning the new terms associated with Planets and Solar System.

Download this pre made template as it or make your own Planets Bingo Cards with this bingo card generator!

WORDS LIST: Eris, Inner Planets, Moon, Solar System, Mercury, Flare, Astronomy, Meteor, Miranda, Sun Spots, Uranus, Planets, Titan, Phobos, Neptune, Outer Planets, Saturn, Core, Venus, Jupiter, Galaxy, Sun, Mars, Europa, Callisto, Asteroids, Comet, Charon, Ariel, Oberon, Astronomical Unit, Corona, Asteroid Belt, Deimos, Titania, Earth, Pluto, Chromosphere, Photosphere, Prominence