Holiday Meetup Bingo

Download or make your own printable holiday meetup bingo cards. The PDF file will include a calling sheet with all the words and random bingo cards. Press EDIT to customize the bingo cards.

Holiday Meetup Bingo

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Holiday Meetup Bingo is a great ice breaker game that guests are sure to enjoy. Download and print these printable bingo cards or make your own bingo by editing the text.

WORDS LIST: Does not drink coffee , Loves peppermint flavor , Has a piercing , Has blue or green eyes , Been hiking this month , Listened to Holiday music today , Owns a houseplant , Has a cat , Speaks more than 1 language , Is wearing a Santa hat , Ordered food , Was born in another country , Is wearing blue , Wears your shoe size , Has attended our trivia night , Is drinking a beer or cider , Is seriously looking for a relationship , Read a least 3 books last month , Has a beard , Knows how to ride a motorcycle , Is traveling for the holidays , Is a Mid-West transplant , Celebrates a holiday other than X-mas , Is their 1st Meetup , Is wearing nail polish , Has attended our events before , Has rode a bike this week , Is wearing glasses , Gave out their number tonight , Loves Skiing / Snowboarding , Has a tattoo , Hung Christmas lights this year , Decorated a Christmas tree this year , Drove over an hour to get here , Walked here , Has run a marathon , Same age as you , Is single & ready to mingle! , Is wearing lipstick , Has a dog , Works from home , Is a teacher , Played a sport in HS , Christmas is their favorite holiday , Does not have pets or kids , Same birth month as you , Believes “Die Hard” is a X-mas movie , Is drinking a hot drink , Has attended our game night , Has more than 2 pets , Has a selfie with someone famous , Can name 5 X-mas movies , Is wearing a scarf , Was born in California , Is drinking water , Has more than 1 child , Is left handed , Has done a polar bear swim , Favorite X-mas movie is Elf , Hates Brussel sprouts , Is a night owl , Just moved to this city