Gilmore Girls Bingo

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Gilmore Girls Bingo

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Gilmore Girls Bingo is a fun way to guess who and what will show up in the coming year of this interesting series. Make sure to grab a copy of these bingo cards for your friends' viewing party, with the Netflix release of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life!

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WORDS LIST: Jess writes a Bestseller, A Maid answers the Door, Rory has a Book in her Purse, Kirk Sighting, Sookie and Jackson Bicker, Lorelai makes a Dirty Comments, April visits the Diner, Paul Anka does something Weird, Mrs. Kim disapproves, Lorelei wants coffee, Luke yells at Taylor, Star's Hollow Tradition, Rory buys a Book, Old movie reference, Emilly says something Snarky, Lorelei and Rory watch a Movie, Michel complains, Junk Food is Eaten, Lane and Mrs. Kim Chat, Kirk has new job, Luke and Taylor have a Fight, Luke's Diner, April mentions Science, Hep Alien plays, Rory smells Something, Luke Fixes Something, Yale is Mentioned, Taylor and Luke Argue, Sookie is in the Kitchen, Town Meeting