Fall Reading Bingo

Download or make your own printable fall reading bingo cards. The PDF file will include a calling sheet with all the words and random bingo cards. Press EDIT to customize the bingo cards.

Fall Reading Bingo

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Want to inspire your kids to read books during Fall  season? These Fall reading bingo cards are a perfect way to get the kids to read more books while having fun.

Fall Reading Bingo is an excellent way to inspire kids to read more books. Teachers and parents can use these bingo cards as a reading bingo challenge for kids.

Such reading challenges during the Autumn season is the perfect way to curb boredom and get rid of the video games. Kids are bound to fall in love with reading with these bingo game cards.

Download as is or make your own Fall reading bingo cards.

WORDS LIST: read outside, read a prize winning book, read under the table, re-read an old favorite, read a book in the car, read a book about Halloween, read about a country you wish to visit, read a book after dinner, read a book about apple picking, read in dark with flashlight, read in your pajamas, read a book with no pictures, read a book while traveling, read by the window, read in a blanket fort, read before bedtime, read a non fiction book, read a book by a male author, read out loud, read for 30 minutes, read a book under a tree, read a book about Thanks giving, read a fairy tale, read to mom or dad, read a book with orange cover, read a book about sports, read an auto biography, read to a sibling, read a book written before you were born, read with a friend, read at the library, read a book at the book store, read a favorite author's book, read a book with pumpkins, read a book about president, read under a tree, read a book on nature, read a book about animals, read a book by a female author, attend a library event, read about a historical event, swap a book with a friend, read a mystery book, read a fantasy book, read a short stories book